Project Gorillas - City Overview
Jonas hassibi gorillas stadt render 024

This is an initial production illustration I did for a game project at university which I am currently working on with an awesome team.
The project is a parcour-running based jump&run game which takes place 15 years in the future in a major city were climatic changes and sea level rising forced people to flee to larger cities. To protect themselves from the sea, the priviledged people build a huge damm, unfortunately not everybody can live there caused by overpopulation, but our hero wants to start a revolution to save the majority of people.
In this concept I tried to show all the different levels of the game, starting from the slums through the industrial part leading into the high-class and finally the largest tower of the city, where he wants to leave his message.

The team:
Marina Bade - Tech & 3D Art
Martin Ritt - Programming
Max Heupel - Game Design