Project Library of the Old - Exterior
Jonas hassibi holy library 04 wideshot 05
Jonas hassibi holy library 02 path 04
Jonas hassibi holy library 02 closeup 04
Jonas hassibi holy library 01 sketches 01
Jonas hassibi holy library 05 props 01

Some 3D-sketched Elements I used to compose the world in Clarisse

A young student of the elements took on the journey to travel to the Library of the Old. He wants to learn about the old knowledge of the wise masters of the library. Those masters are protecting the library from sources who want to use the knowledge to their advantage. Those books and scrolls have been collected over hundreds of years and contain the secrets to the world which have been forgotten over time. The only way to get to the library is a long thin path, which is overlooked by the masters of the Library of the Old.

This project is done with a certain workflow I was developing and wanted to test out. The program Clarisse iFX is playing a huge role with the workflow and I am super happy that I found out about it since it is a little bit out of site from the concept art field.