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The Swarm - Host

It has been a normal, stressful evening for Gérôme, a major chef at the Troisgros in Roanne, France. His area of responsibility was to take care of all what comes from the sea. As always, he took 12 beautiful looking lobsters from his supplier coming from the finest coasts of France. But wait... 2 of them were very light. Pretty annoying for the chef since the Troisgros hasn't got its 3 Michelin stars for medium quality. A weird liquid came out of their shell, almost like they are bursting out every second!
Gérôme carefully placed one of them on a kitchenboard. He bent down, looked very close and...

Credits: This scene is from Frank Schätzing's best selling novel: "The Swarm". Tried to retell it with my own words since I read it in german.

Jonas hassibi 09